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MD-880DH Double Head Bonding Machine Send to Pakistan

2018-04-12 Today morning, one MD-880DH double head bonding machine was sent to Pakistan by sea. Photo with teacher   Accessories   Platform package   Machine body package   Truck loading   Truck loading  

How to do alignment for a used shrink COF?

One of the most frequently asked question is: how to do alignment for a used shrink COF? In some cases, we can not get a new COF for replacement. In this situation, we need used COF. But for some used COF, it became shrink and shorter. So how to alignment with glass? The answer is […]

Customer from Pakistan

This friendly customer from Pakistan, ordered on double head bonding machine and took 3 days training at our factory.

COF TAB Replacement Table

COF TAB Replacement Table Remark: This table just for reference and keep update. Latest Update: 2017/11/13 Start With Original Model Replace Model Numbers 8019-FCCA0 S6C1162-52 8019-KCBCX LH16B5D2 8020-A CH23C S6C1127-51B 8020-GCBJ4 NT39646H-C5103A 8031-DCBKO NT39962H-C5107A 8031-DCV17 VSM21074A 8033-DCY0D NT399658H-C1294A 8033-GCY07 NT39658H—C1294A 8033-DCYOE NT39911H-C1275 8154-ECBL6 NT39935H-L5206B 8154-ECBML S6C2774-54U 8157-BCBNM 8157-ACBMX 8157-BCBNM 8157-BCBOD 8159-CCBQ NT39980H-C5256A  8159-ACBPU 8656-CYOB NT39538H-1272A 8658-GCYOU […]

How to solve head cannot goes up after bonding

A few of customers tell me that the bonding head of the bonding machine cannot goes up automatically after bonding. There is a screw(Screw 1 on picture) inside the machine which controls the speed of head going up. More loose of screw 1, the head goes up more fast; more tight of screw 1, the […]

100 Inches Single Head Bonding Machine Was Sent to Canada

This 100 inches single head bonding machine was sent to Canada this morning. Our bonding machine is professional equipment for LCD repair, like TV, laptop screen, computer monitor… The standard machine platform is 65 inches, that means max 65 inches screen can be put on the platform for repairing. The Canada customer have a lots […]