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LCD COF/TAB Bonding Process Steps

1. LCD Fault MarkUsage: Make a mark on the screen where fault appear(Vertical line, belt; Horizontal line, belt), after bonding check again if the fault disappeared. 2. Glass and side PCB fixationUsage: Make a fixation between Glass and Side PCB, this can prevent other COFs from damage during bonding process. 3. Polarizer protectionUsage: The polarizer [...]

LCD LED TV Faults which can be repaired by laser machine

The most frequently asked question is what are the faults which can be repaired by a laser machine? The principle of laser machine is for LCD LED screen inside circuit repairing, that means almost all faults which caused by screen inside circuit are can repaired by a laser machine. And laser machine also can repair […]

LCD LED TV Faults which can be repaired by bonding machine

The most frequently asked question is what are the faults which can be repaired by a bonding machine? The principle of bonding machine is for COF/TAB changing, that means all faults which caused by COF/TAB are can repaired by a bonding machine. Here are some sample faults which can be repaired by bonding machine:

How to get model number of a COF TAB?

For each COF TAB, there is a unique model number . The model number was wrote on some place of the COF TAB, but sometimes the model number is very small, should watching by a magnifier. Some COF TAB model number samples: 8157-CCBQA DB7893-FT01M MT3725VJ    

COF/TAB Flying Line Figures

Update date: 23th, Aug, 2023 COF/TAB Flying Line, Flying Wire Figures for LCD LED TV screen repairing. Please search the number you want! 1)RM76320FB-61A 2)NT39567H-C5251A 3)NT39538H-C1272A 4)RM76370FC-80K 5)NT39565H-C5263A 6)NT39563H-C6502A 7)RM76311FC-805 8)RM76153FJ-OAI 9)NT61302H-C5290A 10)RM76A30FA-906 11)NT61228H-C6809A 12)NT39538H-C1298A 13)S0327B2-2L 14)NT61227H-C12I7B 15)8656-MCY61 16)8658-BCBJV 17)8656-MCY45B 18)NT61237H-C6523A/A 19)8656-MC607 20)S6CG242-51U 21)NT39562H-C12G9A 22)RM76H30FA-L04 23)8697-BCYA7 24)8698-CC560 25)RM76360FA-808 26)RM76190FA-OAO 27)NT39567H-C5284A 28)NT39538H-C1295A 29)NT39565H-C5253A 30)5253-ACBPQ 31)5253-BCBR3 32)5276-ACBR6 […]

How to do alignment for a used shrink COF?

One of the most frequently asked question is: how to do alignment for a used shrink COF? In some cases, we can not get a new COF for replacement. In this situation, we need used COF. But for some used COF, it became shrink and shorter. So how to alignment with glass? The answer is […]

COF TAB Replacement Table

COF TAB Replacement Table Remark: This table just for reference and keep update. Latest Update: 2017/11/13 Start With Original Model Replace Model Numbers 8019-FCCA0 S6C1162-52 8019-KCBCX LH16B5D2 8020-A CH23C S6C1127-51B 8020-GCBJ4 NT39646H-C5103A 8031-DCBKO NT39962H-C5107A 8031-DCV17 VSM21074A 8033-DCY0D NT399658H-C1294A 8033-GCY07 NT39658H—C1294A 8033-DCYOE NT39911H-C1275 8154-ECBL6 NT39935H-L5206B 8154-ECBML S6C2774-54U 8157-BCBNM 8157-ACBMX 8157-BCBNM 8157-BCBOD 8159-CCBQ NT39980H-C5256A  8159-ACBPU 8656-CYOB NT39538H-1272A 8658-GCYOU […]

How to solve head cannot goes up after bonding

A few of customers tell me that the bonding head of the bonding machine cannot goes up automatically after bonding. There is a screw(Screw 1 on picture) inside the machine which controls the speed of head going up. More loose of screw 1, the head goes up more fast; more tight of screw 1, the […]

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