512DH LCD Screen Laser Repair Machine

General Details

Laser machine have 4 Models:

MD-512S: 26”  – Suitable for laptop, mobile phone screen repair
MD-512A: 50” – Suitable for small size TV screen repair
MD-512D: 80” -Suitable for big size TV screen repair, Split machine
MD-512DH: 80” –  Suitable for big size TV screen repair, Integrated machine

Machine Description:

This specification is about electronic automation and laser produces TFT-LCD panel design of the system for repair. The device is equipped control system from research and development (including Laser Head?HOYA Laser Controller)?using MITUTOYO precision optical imaging system (laser processing / observing special microscope?laser processing special optical lens?image observation objective lens)?X / Y / Z motor drive system? Electronic control systems?Gas pressure cushioning system?Composed of precision steel base and other .This equipment can be given workpiece material layer for short-circuit defect repair process. Workpiece to use manual mode .

Main purpose:

LCD laser repair machine (referred to as laser machine) on the LCD screen repair industry accounted for the high-end repair technology,  the most high-end technology of LCD screen repair ,LCD screen repair industry in addition to the COF loose welding, TAB char (This error can be repaired with a binding machine) Others such as ITO break, short line, bright line, half-line, dotted line ,a multi-line laser machine can be used to repair. Laser machine with high efficiency, fixed rate, low cost (the same fault in the laser machine does not need replacement parts, (and do not affect the repair rate), it is widely used as the main device screen repair of large-scale production factory?after sale and service company.

Laser repair purposes, is hoping to further the defective part to be corrected, so that the original filter out waste products to be discarded, repair to an acceptable product. The current acceptable product standards—-Firstly is definitely not wired defects; secondly, many products are “no highlights assurance”. Secondly, many products are “no highlights assurance” ,so the pixel can not have been glowing are bright spots ,but to some extent accepted few dark spots. Therefore, the object of laser repair, based on the main line defect and highlights.

The way of laser repair :Welding—- In the two story metal overlap over the place, in appropriate energy and wavelength of the laser can be metalized open and welded together, let the two originally not connected electrodes connected (and cut off to achieve disconnect)to repair.

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    LCD screen laser repair equipment parameters 


    1660mm×1230mm×1700mm (according to the actual design)



    • Applicable LCD panel sizes maximum 50, 100 inches or customized (orbital platform can be expanded)
    • Point (3um X 3um), Line (L 50um X 3um), Blocks (50um X 50um) Patch

    Repair fog polarizing film of the LCD panel

    • Electronic shutter red light and red box dual display
    • Shutter size?lens multiplying power and laser power parameters are stored and selection
    • Power supply 220V, 30A
    • No fuse protection circuit breaker protection
    • Operating ambient temperature 20 ? ~ 30 ? + / – 5 ?
    • Operating ambient relative humidity65 ±5 ?RH

    Laser systems:

    Control system from research and development

    Type of laser :


    Wavelength :

    1064 / 532nm dual wavelength (532nm in order to adjust the wavelength of the optical axis)

    532nm wavelength for the adjustment of the optical axis


    Way of cooling:


    Laser power:


    Oscillation frequency:

    1 ~ 20 Hz / sec

    Maximum peak power:


    1064 Volatility:

    8 ~ 6 nsec

    Energy output control:

    512steps for 0-100% Hi / Low switch-able

    Flash Lamp Life Time:

    • 1 year or greater than 1000000 shots

    Laser oscillator Warranty:

    1 year

    The actual laser specification prevail

    Processing stage and X/Y/Z-axis drive system

    Working platform size:

    1250 mm X 900 mm

    Stage material:

    Grinding optical glass platform

    Stage base:

    Confidential steel base

    X/Y axis effective stroke:

    1250 mm X 900 mm

    X/Y axis drive form servo motor system X/Y axis drive form servo motor system collocation

    X/Y axis minimum resolution:



    Less than or equal 5 um

    Z axis maximum effective stroke:



    Z axis drive form servo motor system X/Y axis drive form servo motor system collocation confidential screw


    Z axis minimum resolution:


    In the actual design configuration prevail


    Optical Imaging System

    Microscope/laser processing special type:

    CCD                1/2”color CCD

    Episcopic light source:

    Halogen light source system of high brightness   (100W)

    Transmission light source

    Halogen light source system of high brightness   (150W)

    Guide Light :

    Halogen light source system of high brightness   (100W)

    Objective lens switching system 4 holes/Electric switchable type(linear)

    Precision lens group 5 times/10 times/20 times/50 times/

    (the latter two with observer/laser processing function)

    M PLAN APO 5 x   Observation

    M PLAN APO 10 x  Observation

    M PLAN NIR 20 x  Observation/laser processing

    M PLAN NIR 50 x  Observation/laser processing

    Auto focus system

    Focus Type:

    Manual Focus

    Shock Absorbers system

    Shock form:

    Gas pressure shock absorbers

    Natural frequency (vertical / horizontal) :

    2 ~ 2.3 Hz

    Manufacturers supply specifications 4 ~ 6 kg / ? (Compressed or Nitrogen Gas)

    (Floor earthquake Level of equipment need) :

    B Grade

    ATS LR2200M using in SEMI standard vibration spec V.C.B. as below .

    Should meet the following condition even when operating surrounding equipments

    Laser slit

    Repair size:

    7-65 inch

    Spot repair:

    Min: 3um * 3um


    Windows system






    Simplified Chinese/English



    Key board?





    Operating mode

    Software features

    • (1) Laser Mode operation function

    Provides Point / Line / Block three kinds of laser processing mode, the laser parameters of recipe, according to user teaching pre-patched path and type on the screen, for a one-time quick fixes after teaching.

    • (2) Manually operated laser firing functionality
    • (3) Recipe Archive feature

    Provides information on laser parameters / substrate parameters Recipe Archive feature

    (4) User login / logout (rights management)

    (5) Up and down manually adjust the light source

    (6) Up and down light coordinate each multiplying power setting automatically adjusts

    (7) Basic measurement tools

    (8) Image Archive feature

    (9) The lens switches auto-correction feature

    (10) Image parameter setting function

    1. brightness setting
    2. contrast setting
    3. saturation setting
    4. contrast setting

    (11) Operating language selection

    1. Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese
    2. English

    Utility Equipment

    Power 3 phase / AC 220 V ± 10%, 30A

    Power connector M6 terminal block

    Ground wire JIS grade 1, 8mmsq above

    Using environmental:

    Temperature 20-26C

    Humidity 30-70 %( No dew drop is allowed)

    Clean level class 10,000

    Warranty Period

    12 months after acceptance provides warranty service (excluding consumption of spare)

    Work efficiency


    A group four people (according to standard workshop prevail

    Personnel division:

    1 screening, 2 people looking for point identification, one operate the machine

    Tools needed:

    2 optical microscopy

    Personnel allocation:

    1 person screening, 2 looking for point identification, one person operate the machine

    Tools needed:

    Optical microscopy 2 set

    Repair the fault and the standard output (use 32-inch LCD panels as an example)

    ITO failure:

    1 line of 500 pieces, 3 lines or more of 400 pieces

    Short circuit line:

    Less than 3 lines of 350 pieces

    Working hours:

    Two work shifts, the average work of 8 Hour

    Specific production according to worker skill level shall prevail


    NOTE preparation ?

    Different models in the control system and laser system parameter will be some relatively

    changes ?specific programs can be noted in the customization process.


      You can send your inquiry here, we will reply you ASAP. Or you can contact we directly: ATTN: Sammy Qin Email: sales@lcd-repair-machine.com Email/Skype: SammyQin@outlook.com TEL/WhatsAPP/WeChat: +86-18620492985

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