MD-880DH Double Head Bonding Machine

Standard double head bonding machine

General Details

MD-880DH Double Head Bonding Machine is designed for LCD/LED  TV repair, which can solve the problem of ACF/COF/TAB fault, the function of MD-880DH is replacing, bonding, re-bonding COF/TAB on LCD glass and PCB .

The bonding machines includes below models:

  1. MD-880SH single head LCD repair bonding machine;
  2. MD-880DH double head LCD repair bonding machine;
  3. MD-815SH single head LCD repair bonding machine-Mini Version
  4. MD-816SH Single Head Bonding Machine-Mini Version

Which machine should I choose and what’s the difference of the two machine?

Click here to read.

What is ACF/COF/TAB fault?

There is a picture below to show the ACF/COF/TAB fault of LCD TV.

There are some COFs/TABs to connect LCD glass and PCB boards, which called X COFs and Y COFs, some times vertical or horizon lines(bands) appeared on the LCD TV screen. On of the reason is the COF/TAB broken or disconnecting. In order to solve this problem, if the COF just disconnecting(not broken), use bonding machine to re-bond this COF; if the COF is broken(like chip broken), use bonding machine to replace it with a new COF.


What’s the payment and delivery time?

Payment: Terms EXW/FOB/CIF, by T/T, 100% deposit in advance (Recommend), Or 50% deposit and 50% paid before delivery

Delivery time: About one week.

How about the warranty?

Usually we provide 1 year standard warranty and whole life technical support.

How about the training?

We provide two training method: factory training and video training.

More detail please see here: Training

How you packing the machine when shipping?

LCD TV Repair Bonding Machine Package

How can I install the machine after I received?

Here is a video of MD-880SH disassembly procedure. You can refer to it and do the opposite procedure.?

MD-880SH Disassembly Procedure

LCD repair bonding machine introduction for repair LCD TV demo video?



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    MD-880DH Specification—–
    Double Head Manual platform Automatic Pressure Machine

    1) Equipment Model Number:
    MD-880DH (Double Head)

    2) Device Description :
    Repair screen machine / Bonding machine

    3) Device Uses :
    FPC? COF?TAB? LCD Panel and PCB combination bonding

    4) Applicable LCD panel specifications :

    5) Applicable LCD panel thickness :
    0.3MM-1.1MM[Single glass]

    6) Bonding IC number :
    Multiple / Panel Can be set

    7) Bind direction :
    X or Y Unidirection

    8) Bonding IC size :
    Replaceable blade according to IC specifications (The original machine is equipped 50(L)*1.2(W)*10(H) mm and 50(L)*2.0(W)*10(H) mm)

    9) Device processing time :

    10) Production Beats :
    TAB?100 pcs/H

    11) Bonding Accuracy :
    Within ± 1.5?m (support 4K screen)

    12) Highest positioning accuracy setting :
    ±0.5?m (Currently domestic the highest index)

    13) Equipment requirements the work environment :
    Clean, No dust, Clean room

    14) Supply Pressure :
    0.5~0.7Mpa (Dry air source)

    15) Power Supply :
    AC 220V±10%?50HZ?3500W

    16) Cylinder Device :
    Japan SMC original thin cylinder MXS20-75/MXS20-100

    17) Heating Type :
    Pulse (rapid heating / cooling and auxiliary cooling function)

    18) PID Temperature Control System :
    Brand: YUDIAN (516 model)
    Adjustable heating curve Precision PID self-tuning type
    The peak temperature : within +/- 3 degrees Celsius
    Room temperature time to 180 degrees the response time within 2-3 seconds

    19) Hot pressing head :
    Materials: Japan Titanium
    origin: United States
    Plane precision (hot press side) :0.001mm
    Plane thickness 0.5 (Reserved 3 times grinding)

    20) Thermocouple Type :
    K type Original US OMEGA wire

    21) Industrial control units / Programmer :
    Import Panasonic PLC FX?C40T

    22) Image unit :
    Panasonic image processing system
    COF counterpoint: down counterpoint
    PCB counterpoint : None (Can be installed )
    Number of lenses : 2
    Microscopy: 30-120 Continuous zoom
    COF Display: 19-inch HD
    PCB counterpoint the display : None (Can be installed )
    Upper light source : have
    Down light source : have

    23?COF trimming unit :
    Origin: Taiwan
    Rail Type: U-rail (2056 high)
    Accuracy : 0.01
    Adjustable direction :X/Y/R
    R Itinerary : Coarse 360 degrees, fine tuning +/- 5 degrees

    24?COF Fixture : COF mechanical clamping type, Z tilt radius micrometer trimming

    25) Lens spinner unit :
    Control mode: X / Y / Z micrometer control
    Focus Adjustment: Manually adjust the focus

    26) Position detection : None

    27) Silicone / Teflon :
    Manual switching position

    28) LCD stage (platform) :
    Manual sliding or fixed optional ,automatic stage can be customized

    29) Alarm device :
    Pressure abnormal/ temperature anomalies / thermocouple abnormal / action abnormal

    30) Hot press head counterpoint :
    Cylinder stop can be set at any position in the vertical direction

    31) Control mode :
    Touch screen + button operation Using Taiwan’s Wei Lun touch screen dual-core

    32) Parameter setting :
    According to the need to set up Store multiple sets of hot pressing parameters

    33) Rated voltage :
    180-220 (customizable 110V)

    34) Peak power :
    400-1100W (Supports 68X1.5X10 lengthened tool bit)

    35) Maximum power :

    36) Actual power :

    37) Body size :

    38) Machine weight :


    With MD-880DH, we provide the accessories below for free.

    They are almost all the accessories needed by ACF/COF/TAB repairing, means no need buy other extra accessories.

    No. Picture Name Model No. Quantity Unit Specification Remark
    1  md-880dh Double Head Bonding Machine MD-880DH 1 Set Double Head 2016Year
    2  acf-ac-7206u-18-1-2mm ACF Anisotropic Conductive Film AC-7206U-18 1 Piece 1.5X50M Glass special
    3  acf-ac-2056r-35-2-0mm ACF Anisotropic Conductive Film AC-2056R-35 1 Piece 2.0X50M PCB special
    4  acetone Acetone Liquid BT-H1 2 Bottle 500ML
    5  absolute-alcohol Absolute Alcohol CH3CH2OH 2 Bottle 500ML
    6  ACF Removing Liquid ACF Removing Liquid G-450 1 Bottle 500ML
    7  Hitachi Blue Glue Hitachi Blue Glue 1 Bottle 100ML
    8  Fuji Silicone Fuji Silicone 1 Piece 50M
    9  teflon Teflon 2 Piece 50M
    10  T Type Electric Soldering Iron Heating Solder Iron 1 Piece 30W
    11  Constant Temperature Hot Air Station Removing Wind Station 825+Fan 1 Piece
    12  Liquid Bottle Alcohol Bottle 3 Bottle
    13  TAB Cutter TAB Cutter 1 Piece
    14  optical-microscope Optical Microscope 1 Piece
    15  LCD Test Board LCD Test Board HXV59 1 Piece
    16  Dial Test Indicator Dial Test Indicator 1 Piece
    17  Hex Key Wrench Allen key 1 Piece
    18  Air Compressor Air Compressor OTS550 1 Piece Mute Oil-free
    19  lvds-cable LVDS Common Specification 1 Piece
    20  Cleanroom Wipers Cleanroom Wipers 1 Piece
    21  cotton-swab Cotton Swab 1 Piece
    22  Hand-Hold Magnifier Handheld Magnifier 1 Piece
    23  Tweezers Precision Tweezers Elbow? Straight 2 Piece High Hardness Hyperfine
    24 Training 4 Days Free Training



      You can send your inquiry here, we will reply you ASAP. Or you can contact we directly: ATTN: Sammy Qin Email: Email/Skype: TEL/WhatsAPP/WeChat: +86-18620492985

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