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Two 880SH Bonding Machine Shiped to Turkey

Two 880SH bonding machine have been shiped to Turkey recently. This customer is also one of our distributor in Turkey. He provide LCD repair machine sales, installation and training at Turkey.     

Vietnam customers come to the factory to purchase a complete set of machines and participate in training

In August 2023, a group of 4 Vietnamese customers came to our company. After our detailed introduction, they ordered a full set of LCD repair machines and participated in a week of training. Laser repairing machine training Take a group photo for nostalgia Have dinner together They have ordered below machines: 880DH double head bonding […]

LCD COF/TAB Bonding Process Steps

1. LCD Fault MarkUsage: Make a mark on the screen where fault appear(Vertical line, belt; Horizontal line, belt), after bonding check again if the fault disappeared. 2. Glass and side PCB fixationUsage: Make a fixation between Glass and Side PCB, this can prevent other COFs from damage during bonding process. 3. Polarizer protectionUsage: The polarizer [...]

LCD LED TV Faults which can be repaired by laser machine

The most frequently asked question is what are the faults which can be repaired by a laser machine? The principle of laser machine is for LCD LED screen inside circuit repairing, that means almost all faults which caused by screen inside circuit are can repaired by a laser machine. And laser machine also can repair […]

LCD LED TV Faults which can be repaired by bonding machine

The most frequently asked question is what are the faults which can be repaired by a bonding machine? The principle of bonding machine is for COF/TAB changing, that means all faults which caused by COF/TAB are can repaired by a bonding machine. Here are some sample faults which can be repaired by bonding machine:

How to get model number of a COF TAB?

For each COF TAB, there is a unique model number . The model number was wrote on some place of the COF TAB, but sometimes the model number is very small, should watching by a magnifier. Some COF TAB model number samples: 8157-CCBQA DB7893-FT01M MT3725VJ    

COF/TAB Flying Line Figures

Update date: 23th, Aug, 2023 COF/TAB Flying Line, Flying Wire Figures for LCD LED TV screen repairing. Please search the number you want! 1)RM76320FB-61A 2)NT39567H-C5251A 3)NT39538H-C1272A 4)RM76370FC-80K 5)NT39565H-C5263A 6)NT39563H-C6502A 7)RM76311FC-805 8)RM76153FJ-OAI 9)NT61302H-C5290A 10)RM76A30FA-906 11)NT61228H-C6809A 12)NT39538H-C1298A 13)S0327B2-2L 14)NT61227H-C12I7B 15)8656-MCY61 16)8658-BCBJV 17)8656-MCY45B 18)NT61237H-C6523A/A 19)8656-MC607 20)S6CG242-51U 21)NT39562H-C12G9A 22)RM76H30FA-L04 23)8697-BCYA7 24)8698-CC560 25)RM76360FA-808 26)RM76190FA-OAO 27)NT39567H-C5284A 28)NT39538H-C1295A 29)NT39565H-C5253A 30)5253-ACBPQ 31)5253-BCBR3 32)5276-ACBR6 […]

Customized Double Head Machine for a Croatia Customer

This Croatia customer mainly repair laptop screen lines, screen size is from 12″-17.5 inch. Because his COF is a little special, not like other COF which have same length at both PCB side and Glass side. If we use normal machine, the heating head will damage the components which closed to the COF. So we […]